Thursday, August 21, 2014

Practice Blog Post: All About Me

Practice Blog Post Outline

I. My Past : Locations and Experiences
      A. Mississippi
      B. Washington
      C. Alabama
II. My Future : Education
      A. Why Education
      B. What Educators Do
      C. My Passions

All About Me

      My name is Jennifer Cole. I grew up in Mississippi and graduated from Pearl High School in 2006. I am very blessed with a caring mom and cool dad. I have two sisters, and I am in the middle. I have gone through rough patches with both of them, but I am close to both of them now. I had my first daughter in February 2008 and married my husband in May 2008. My husband joined the military in January 2010, and we were stationed in Seattle, Washington in August 2010. I had my second daughter in August 2011, and I shared this experience with my younger sister who had her son July 2011. Even though we were over three thousand miles apart, I was able to visit during and after our pregnancies. After three years of only seeing my husband five to eight months out of the year, we were stationed in Alabama where I started the next chapter in my life.
      The next chapter in my life is in education, but why did I choose it? I have known that I wanted to teach since I was in the eight grade. When I was in high school, many of my fellow classmates were having issues understanding math the way the teachers were saying it. Therefore, I ended up helping them understand math by explaining it a different way. This made me want to teach math. I look forward to being an educator because they help students learn how to learn. They teach students how to analyze a problem. In today's world, educators need to incorporate technology to enhance their teaching. Plus, in my personal opinion, all students can learn math. They just have to have the right teacher. I know I will love teaching because my passion helping others. I am currently teaching the three to five year-old missions class at my church, and I am also helping the youth by being their drama instructor.

This is a picture of a couple of kids from my missions class:

A Couple of Kids in my Missions Class

Thanks for reading,
Jennifer L. Cole

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