Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #15: Search Engines

Magnifying Glass over the word Search

1. White Pages

      This search engine is "the largest and most trusted source for people, businesses and phone numbers." It is used to identify unknown calls, verify real identities, and control your info. I have personally used this site to see who my missed calls are from. Sometimes they don't leave a message, which is annoying because I don't know who they are or what they wanted. However, I just started searching on here. Most of the time they are from CVS Pharmacy or American Red Cross.

2. Amazon

      This search engine is used for shopping! Most of us college students can say this site is good for finding inexpensive text books. There are different types of memberships you can get too! I personally have prime and most of my time spent on here is reading reviews on my husband's books. Although, I do enjoy looking at other things on here too!

3. Ebay

      This search engine is used for shopping as well. You can even bid on some things. However, I personally find it less appealing than Amazon. That probably has to do with the fact that almost nothing on this site interests me. Or maybe it is because it just looks unprofessional. Oh well, you get the idea!

4. Priceline

      This search engine is used to book hotels, flights, rental cars, and more! I personally have not used this site, but it looks a lot like Southwest Airlines. So, considering I am use to the format of the site, I find it appealing. The reason I haven't used this site before is because I haven't needed to. When I visit family, I just stay at my mom's house. If I'm going to the beach, I stay at my in-laws'condo. However, if I were in need of something like that, I would use this site!

5. Kayak

      This search engine offers the same service as Priceline. You can "[c]ompare hundreds of travel sites at once." I personally do not like the way this site is set up. It is fairly easy to navigate, but I still don't like the way it looks. Of course, there could be a lot of people that prefer this format! That is why I decided to share it with you!

6. Wikipedia

      This search engine can be used to find practically everything. You can look up definitions, history facts, landmarks, geographical information, and so much more. Of course, anyone can change the information, so you can't use this as your only source or as a source at all for some classes.

7. YouTube

      This search engine is used to look up videos. Whether the video is educational or for entertainment is completely up to the user. Since anyone can upload a video, there is a variety of different types of videos. Music videos, advertisements, cats, lectures, and practically anything else you could possibly think of.

8. WolframAlpha

      This is a search engine that can help you with your math. This site is truly amazing! You will see multiple different ways you could write the answer as well as the step-by-step process to solving it! That is absolutely awesome! I would recommend this site to anyone who is having issues in math. Of course, you could always get me to tutor you! I am a Mathematics major after all!

Thanks for reading my blog and taking this journey of searching search engines with me,
Jennifer L. Cole


  1. Jennifer!
    I recognized all of your search engines except for Kayak. I still enjoyed reading about the search engines I use everyday. I particularly enjoyed your description of Youtube."Since anyone can upload a video, there is a variety of different types of videos." You're definitely right about the "different" types! I have seen a pretty wide "variety" of videos on Youtube, none of them being particularly educational. You're right about Wolfram being an amazing tool for mathematics, but I suggest plugging in a few other things such as people or objects. It has some pretty interesting qualities aside from solving equations. Overall, great post!

    1. Taylor,

      I'm glad that you liked my description for YouTube! I was trying to be honest and thorough, but since there's so many things found on YouTube, I had to clump a bunch of things together! I will delve into Wolfram a little bit more. I just got so involved in that one aspect of it! It was easy for me to get distracted by that considering my other major! Thanks so much for your suggestion and your compliments!

      Jennifer Cole