Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Project #6: C4K Summary for September

Kids on a Computer

September 14, 2014: Rocky from Pt England School

      Rocky is a 12 year old that likes to play rugby league and read. I took a look at his previous posts and he seems to be very energetic, passionate, and honest. I commented on his "Managing Self" post.
      Rocky was posting about an assignment they had been given to make a short movie. He felt like his group did a good job on the video, but they had an issue with the camera lagging. After that he rated himself on 2 out of 3 on managing himself due to the fact that he would still mess around at times.
      When I responded to his post, I told him that I think it's amazing that he made a movie with his group. I let him know that you can't control everything, and that it's important how you react to the problem. Then I told him that I think its great to strive to work harder and asked him what he was planning on doing to get himself to a 3 out of 3.

September 16, 2014: Mikayla from Ms. Horst's 5-1 Class

      Mikayla likes to swim. Red and green are her favorite colors. She likes to eat pizza and Kraft dinners. When I was reading all of her previous posts, I realized that she is a sweet girl. She likes when people are nice to her. I THINK that Mikayla is in the fifth grade. I commented on her "What Is My Smart" post.
      Mikayla was posting about how she believes she is body smart and people smart. She said that she is active, and she is confident when she's running. She feels like she can do anything. She likes having friends that she can talk to as well.
      When I responded to her post, I told her that I really liked her blog. I also told her that being active is super fun and good for her. The last thing I told her was that having friends she can talk to is great, and they can help her with many things.

September 22, 2014: Michael from Mr. Salsich's 5th Grade Class

      Michael is in the fifth grade. He is very ambitious, and he seems like a good kid! I commented on his "Welcome To My 2nd Blog" post.
      Michael was posting just some general information about himself. His parents are in the military, and he has been to many places because of that. He has a younger brother. He wants to be an engineer, and he likes to build robots and Lego buildings.
      When I responeded to his post, I told him that my husband is in the military, but we haven't moved as much as he has. I asked him if he liked playing together like my girls do. Then I told him that it's awesome that he wants to be an engineer. At the end, I told him that my daughters like to play with Lego sets too!

I really enjoyed this experience! I had so much fun reading these children's blogs. I hope you enjoyed my post!
Jennifer L. Cole

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