Sunday, September 14, 2014

Project #4: C4T #1

Math Symbols

Math in the Middle by Christy

C4T#1, Comment 1: Keeping It All Together

      On this post, Christy was talking about all of the different tools she has tried out to help her keep all of her online information organized. She has tried Diigo, TweetDeck, Feedly, and Flipboard. As Christy was going over her journey with them, she explained the pros and cons of each one as it relates to her personal needs.
      In my comment on this post, I introduced myself as a Secondary Education/Mathematics college student in a course that requires me to have a blog as well as read other blogs. After I introduced myself, I thanked her for providing so many new online tools for me to try out. I also told her that I think it is amazing that she has tried so many sites to organize her information.

C4T#1, Comment 2: Listen and Learn @MTBoS

      On this post, Christy was talking about online conferences with Global Math. She couldn't make a lot of the sessions, but she was thrilled when she found out that they were recorded and put online. She watched "Review Activities That Don't Suck." Then she went on to explain that she was planning on using them for her next review day, but she ended up using one of them the next day! The principal even stopped by and saw how engaged the children were in the activity.
      In my comment, I thanked her for the conference link. I also informed her that I watched the video and liked many of the ideas on it. I said, "I think that some of them could even be used in a high school setting. However, it might need some modifications!" Then I told her that I think it's awesome that she got to use one of the methods the next day and that her students enjoyed it.

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