Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Project #14, Group 6: Project Based Learning Plan

Exploring Health and PE Topics

      When introducing this project to our students, we would start by going over the basics of the project. You can find this on our Project Design Overview. After we explain the project to them, we would show them this Obesity Epidemic in North America Video by Truelifefitness.

      After the video, we would put this picture up on the screen and give a few other examples on which they could focus their project on. Some of the examples would be as follows:

Food and Exercise Pyramid for Kids

- The effects of yoga on your life.
- The benefits of daily exercise.
- Social messages about eating and its influence on nutrition choices.
- Dangers and benefits of contact sports.
- Why using weights is important.
- Organic or not?
      As we were figuring our the rest of our learning plan, we were looking at the PBL Essential Elements Checklist to make sure we were making an effective plan. We put together Three Rubrics. The first one is the project rubric, and it will be used to grade the final product. The second one is the individual group work rubric, and it will be used to grade each student's individual effort in the group. The third is a peer review/grading rubric with a spot for praises, suggestions, or concerns at the bottom. The students will grade each presentation and leave notes.
      One the first day of the project after we introduce it, we will assign groups. We will post these Common Core Standards for Health and PE on our class blog. The groups will choose a topic, look at the standards, and then develop their own driving question to be approved by the teacher by the end of the first day. We are requiring an interview with this project, and they will find someone who is credible by study or experience. If they do not know anyone, they can find a credible file online with an interview from the past with someone who is credible. You can check out our Calendar for the rest of the details on the project! The students will not only post their projects on their blog, but we will have an "Exploring Health and PE Topics Seminar" that the students will host for family, friends, teachers, and community members.

I hope you enjoyed our learning plan!
Jennifer L. Cole

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