Thursday, October 23, 2014

Project #6: C4K Summary for October

Why should kids have a blog? It's fun!

October 1, 2014: Brodie from Mrs. Tharp's Math Gaming Class Blog

      Brodie is in the 7th grade. He loves playing football and baseball. Brodie enjoys doing fun things and being adventurous. He also likes to travel. He wants to learn more about The Bible. I commented on his "How schools should change" blog post.
      Brodie was writing on what he thinks schools should change. He thinks schools should allow students to research on their phones in class. He also wishes that more recruiters would check out there teams to give more scholarships. He thinks schools should learn more about The Bible. Brodie thinks that school uniforms should be spirit shirts with normal shorts. The last thing he wrote on was simply amazing. He wants people to stand up for what they believe in.
      When I responded to his post, I introduced myself as a student at USA working on a degree so I can teach high school math. I told him that phones are very useful tools and that the use of my laptop is beneficial in some of my classes. I told him that more scholarships from recruiters would be amazing because school is expensive. I told him that it's great that he wishes schools learned about The Bible. Then I told him about different programs my school use to have, and I asked him if there is anything like that now. Then I told him about how I pay for uniforms for both of my daughters, and I asked him if he knew that preschoolers had to wear uniforms sometimes. Then I complimented his statement that "[m]ore people should stand up..." To end my comment, I told him to have a great day.

October 9, 2014: Xavier R from Miss Jacklin's Grade 5 Class Blog

      Xavier is in the 5th grade. He likes to spend time with his friends. He goes to the pool and the park. Xavier also likes to play basketball. I commented on his grandfather blog post.
      Xavier was writing about his grandfather. He said that his grandfather is from Puerto Rico, and he likes taking walks and hanging out with his family. Xavier celebrates Puerto Rico Day with his family.
      When I responded to his post, I told Xavier that it sounds like you have a good relationship with his grandfather. I also told him that I'm glad he likes to hang out with family. I asked Xavier if he ever takes walks with his grandfather. To end my comment, I told him that it's good to have traditions with his family, and I asked him what else he does with his family.

October 17, 2014: Madison T. from Naugle AM Block's Class Blog

      Madison is in the 4th grade. She seems like a sweet girl, and she is very detailed in her blog post. I think that she is going to love blogging for her class! I commented on her How to Babysit post.
      Madison was talking about everything you need to do when babysitting. First, she talked about all of the materials needed to take care of a baby, and she went over how to burp a baby. Second, she went over a couple of fun things to do with babies. Third, Madison went over many safety tips for babies. A few examples are as follows: "[D]on't leave a baby by a fireplace," "Be careful if you have stairs," and ""Don't leave babies around small objects." She also said "I would advise you to get two pairs of glasses, and wear the old ones around the baby." She closed with saying that babies are cute, and they cry. Then she said to not look at the negative but focus on the positive.
      When I responded to her post, I told Madison that she knows a lot about babysitting. I also told her about how I started babysitting in the 6th grade. I told her that burping a baby can be hard because all babies like different ways to be burped. I told her that my daughters liked the "Where did the baby go?" game. I told her she is super careful with babies and that is a good thing. I closed with telling her that I am going to use her idea about wearing old glasses when playing with a baby and thanking her for sharing information on babysitting.

October 24, 2014: Collin from Pt England School

      Collin is in the 6th grade. He loves sports because they are fun and energetic. He also likes writing and math. He seems like a cool kid. I commented on his Reading Maps post.
      Collin had posted a slide show that he had worked on. There were two maps that he either created or altered, and there were also directions to tell him how to create or alter it. Under the slide show, Collin said that he learned how to read maps carefully. He also learned how to use "polyline" in Google Docs.
      When I responded to his post, I told Collin that I enjoyed seeing his maps. I told him that being able to read maps carefully is a beneficial thing. Then I told him that developing skills in all of the tools Google offers is really good. I asked Collin if he has ever used any other Google tools and recommended that he check them out.

I love commenting on children's blogs! I hope you enjoyed my post!
Jennifer L. Cole

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