Monday, October 6, 2014

Project #4: C4T #2

I love math.

For the Love of Teaching Math by Andrea Kerr

C4T#2, Comment 1: Revisiting Integer Operations with a Freebie!!!

      On this blog post, Andrea Kerr is talking about her favorite activities when teaching on integers. She also made a couple videos in the past, and she put links on those older posts on this blog. I went back and read those posts and watched the videos, and she has a lot of good ideas! She sells stuff on Teachers Pay Teachers, and she is going over some of her products on her posts and videos.
      In response to her blog post, I introduced myself as a student planning on being a high school math teacher. I told her that she approaches teaching in a great way and that it is important to keep students engaged. I told her that she has some cool resources on her Teachers Pay Teachers website. I told her that I wish I could use her games in high school, but that the concepts of them can be changed to fit high school curriculum and interests.

C4T#2, Comment 2: Some of My Favorite Things……

      On this blog post, Andrea Kerr is going over a few of her favorite products on her Teachers Pay Teachers site. She has one that is for graphing, and the picture the students end up with is the mocking jay pin from Hunger Games. She also posted games that relate to graphing, fractions, and a couple more. Feel free to check it out yourself!
      In response to her blog post, I told her that I love her resources and asked if she made some for high school. I told her that the mocking jay pin was cool, and I remember doing something similar when I was younger. I told her that I might purchase some of her resources when my daughters get old enough because I think the reinforcement would be nice.

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