Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Blog Post 5, Part B: My "Developed" PLN

      This is a follow up post to my PLNs, What Are They? blog post. I discovered what a PLN is and how it is useful. I stated, "[i]t is amazing how many doors you can open for yourself and others!" Since then, I have been building my Personal Learning Network. It is no where near complete, but it is definitely a start! Of course, my PLN may NEVER be complete! Here is a picture of my partially developed PLN:

      The yellow area at the top left has my most used sites for this course. The green area at the top is just a couple of spots on Pinterest that have some math ideas. The purple area at the right are teacher's blogs. Most of them are high school math teachers, but there are a few that just have really cool stuff on them. The blue area at the bottom right is just random sites that I plan on delving into later. I look forward to learning more from these teachers and adding more over the years.

I hope you enjoyed my post!
Jennifer L. Cole

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