Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Project #6: C4K Summary for November

October 29, 2014: Marko from Ms. Horst's Grade 5 Class Blog

      Marko is in the 5th grade. He does good in math, but he needs to work on reading and writing. He likes playing a game called Prodigy. He says, "[i]t is a fun and addicting game... about math and fighting." I commented on his "Writing" blog post.
      Marko was writing about what he thinks about writing. He likes to write on the computer. He likes the fact that if you make a mistake it is easy to fix. Marko explained how to fix your mistakes whether you're on a normal computer or a chromebook.
      When I responded to his post, I introduced myself and told him that I like to write on computers too. I told him that it is fast and easy. Then I asked Marko if he likes to have a blog. After that I told him that I think it is fun to have a blog. To end my comment, I told him to have fun with his blog!

November 6, 2014: Alex from Mrs. Meyers Art Room

      Alex is in the 8th grade. He's a pretty cool kid. He has fun with all of his blog assignments. I commented on his "UNI iPad Lessons: Alternate Personality Trading Cards" post.
      Alex was writing about his process of making a trading card of him and his alter ego. He started by explaining the project and his alter ego. Then he talked about how he made the back of his card. After that, Alex told us that he used the same process for the front of his card. He posted pictures of the back and front, and he also provided a video on the process he used.
      When I responded to his post, I started by telling him that I really liked it. I told him that it looks like he has fun with his blog and that I think his alter ego is awesome! I asked him what inspired his alter ego and how long it took him to come up with it. To close, I told him to have fun on the rest of his blogging journey!

November 18, 2014: Madeline from Ms. DeBuhr's 8th Grade Class Blog

      Madeline is in the 8th grade. She seems to be an extremely bright girl. Her blog posts are well developed, and she is working on many skills! Madeline likes mystery books, and she enjoyed the Divergent books. I commented on her Spring and Fall post.
      Madeline was writing a poem. I have a feeling she was working on descriptive words because her poem had many of them. Madeline said Spring is Drizzling, Blooming, and Most Beautiful. She put Harvest, Colors, Brilliant for Fall.
      When I responded to her post, I started by telling him that I am a student at the University of South Alabama. I told her that I liked her poem and that her words were very descriptive. I also told her that I like the drizzles in Spring and the brilliant collars in Fall. To close, I asked her which season is her favorite.

I hope you enjoyed my post!
Jennifer L. Cole

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