Thursday, November 27, 2014

Project #4: C4T #4

Reflections of a High School Math Teacher by Dave Sladkey

C4T#4, Comment 1: Shadowing a Student for a Day

      On this blog post, Dave shared his experiences from shadowing one of his students. His schedule was "Algebra 2, Chemistry, Digital Art, US History, PE (swing dancing), Lunch, Study Hall, and English." He shared all of the things he learned from shadowing his student(exhausting days, sitting down a lot, learning a lot, good staff, and getting to know the teachers). Then Dave shared how he thinks he can modify his teaching to adapt to what the students go through on a daily basis. Feel free to read his blog post to see what he is planning on changing!
      In response to his blog post, I introduced myself as a student at USA that is doing for a degree to teach high school math. I told Dave that I think it's amazing that he is so dedicated to his students. I told him that not too many teachers would do what he did so eagerly in order to adapt their teaching style to what the students need. I closed with saying that I plan on doing this every few years to help me stay in the loop to what my students are going through.

C4T#4, Comment 2: Hashtag Closure

      On this blog post, Dave was talking about a fun closing that he learned from one of his colleagues. Basically the students get to make a hashtag to summarize what they went over that day. He explained what a hashtag was for his readers who might not know. After that Dave gave some of the hastags his students came up with as well as the program he used to do it in class.
      In response to his blog post, I told Dave that I really like this idea. I also told him that I think it's awesome that he and his colleagues are doing things that are interesting to this generation. I told him that I am most likely going to incorporate his idea in my classroom, and I thanked him for explaining his process. I closed by telling him that I look forward to his future posts.

I hope you enjoyed my last C4T!
Jennifer L. Cole

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