Sunday, November 9, 2014

Project #4: C4T #3

Mastery Grid for Students: Novice, Apprentice, Practitioner, and Expert

Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wesley Fryer

C4T#3, Comment 1: Mastery Grid with Openly Licensed Icons

      On this blog post, Wesley Fryer is talking about a grid that he made for his students in his STEM classroom. It is based on a book, and that is something every teacher in his district is using. This allows their students to grade themselves on a particular topic or skill before they start developing it. This lets them see how far they have gone.
      In response to his blog post, I introduced myself as a student that's going to school to be a high school math teacher. I complimented his grid and asked him if he is going to use it on a regular basis. (In which he responded saying he was going to use it on a regular basis.) I asked about the book he's using and commented on the fact that he has 9 eBooks. I ended by telling him that I plan on checking his books out and that I enjoyed his blog.

C4T#3, Comment 2: Make Marvelous Movies by Tony Vincent

      On this blog post, Wesley Fryer is summarizing Tony Vincent's movie making topic. He also gave his input throughout. He started with giving links to Tony's twitter and the session resources. He mentioned CollabraCam and Splice. There are a few other things that are mentioned that you should check out if you're interested!
      In response to his blog post, I told him that I enjoyed this blog and that I learned a lot from all of the resources he provided. I told him that I like the idea of using movie making for and in the classroom. I asked him if he had thought about trying CollabraCam again. To close, I thanked him for all of the information and someone else's blog to look at! I also told him to have a great week!

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